How It Works

We have implemented various disciplines of the Lean Six Sigma toolkit in our approach to maximize the revenue of healthcare providers.

If it's true that there's no new money in healthcare, Hive ensures you get paid correctly for the services you provide.

Measure Production

In our system, we audit each day's clinical workflow to ensure claim accuracy.

Reduce Human Error

Hive provides audit oversight without creating a management burden. These audit capabilities provide complete transparency throughout the billing process.

Gain Efficiencies

While we manage the billing operations in total, staff is freed up to focus on other key areas within the practice for optimization.

Close the Loops

While the patient experience crosses many silos in their treatment, our process, CLIP, closes the loops in between the silos to prevent revenue loss at any point in the treatment plan.

Drive Revenue Growth

By following our thorough process we are eliminating revenue leakage and increasing overall revenue.

Our Process


Revenue Assurance Analysis - we review your data in detail and provide you with a true reflection of your revenue capturing potential.


Solution Proposal - Based upon the results of the analysis we provide you with a solution proposal specifically designed to meet the needs of your practice / facility along with a guarantee of the revenue increase that we will bring to you!


Implementation & Training - We deploy our team to work on site with you and your team insuring a smooth and seamless onboarding process.


Strategic Partners - We are your business partners managing the financial health of your practice. Therefore we are committed to continuous improvement in every step of our process and in our communication with you.

We back our service 100%. Find out what that means for you by contacting us today!

Schedule an on-site analysis.

Are you curious to know your current revenue collection efficacy? Please contact us to perform a diagnostic revenue assurance analysis. In 30 minutes we can gather your information to give you a true reflection of your current effectiveness in revenue capture.