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Increase in Revenue

Within the first year of working with Hive, one rural physician practice increased their revenue by $400K. This was a 155% increase in income. In 7 months, we surpassed his previous 12-month income.

The physician was expecting to increase his workload in order to increase his revenue. In working with Hive, he was able to increase his revenue without increasing his workload, which had a positive impact on the time he could spend with his family. With his children approaching college age, getting more time with family was a high priority and by partnering with Hive he was able to increase both his revenue and his time with family.

2008 Revenue

2012 Revenue

Increase in Revenue

One internal medicine practice partnered with Hive in 2008 with annual revenue just under $1M. At the end of 2012, without an increase in providers or extenders, that practice generated an excess of $4M in revenue.

The Physician was able to invest in upgrading his office and hiring staff which increased the quality of life for his family by having greater confidence in the financial health of his practice. As a result, he felt his stress was significantly reduced.

Initial Income

Increase in Revenue

Decreased Overhead

After fully engaging with Hive for all available services, an internal medicine practice increased their revenue from $800K to more than $2M while decreasing overhead by more than $130K.

The physician was able to open a practice of his own, fulfill his dream of gaining his autonomy, and practice medicine the way he desired. Additionally, he was able to bring on an extender ahead of schedule.

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