Are you capturing all of the revenue for the services you provide?

To qualifying practices Hive guarantees a double-digit increase in revenues. This means more money without more work.

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How do we do it?

The Team

We have over 25 years of experience in healthcare optimization of billing and collections. Our team of professionals are dedicated to capturing the earned revenue of medical providers and enabling them to make informed decisions.

The Process

CLIP is a Closed Loop Integrated Process and covers the entire lifecycle of a client. By focusing on every step within the billing process, pre-appointment to claims, we ensure accurate and complete reimbursement for each patient.

The Technology

Our revenue cycle management solution contains proprietary technology that allows us to deliver powerful results unmatched in the healthcare industry.

Trusted by the Finest Companies.

"In working with Hive, I have absolute confidence that my billing operations are being managed by experts who focus exclusively on capturing my earned revenue. This allows me to focus my time & energy on treating my patients."

Dr. Jeff Langford, Langford Allergy LLC

"By taking full advantage of the technology and Hive's professional services, I was able to more than double my gross revenue production in two years and reduce my overhead by $130K."

Here is what we do:

Decrease your days to collect

Increase your billing accuracy & reduce rejected claims

Eliminate missed revenue due to errors

Provide more provider control through transparency, accountability etc.

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Are you curious to know your current revenue collection efficacy? Please contact us to perform a diagnostic revenue assurance analysis. In 30 minutes we can gather your information to give you a true reflection of your current effectiveness in revenue capture.